Careers Information

Barun Law LLC’s growth and development are the basis that allows us to recruit talented workers and provide appropriate training to them. The firm believes such growth would only be possible by continuing to recruit talented professionals. We welcome prospective and experienced attorneys, experts and staff who seek to work at Barun Law LLC to submit their applications.

Questions concerning recruitment

LEE, Dong Hoon, Managing Partner
Questions concerning experienced attorneys,
other professionals

tel.02. 3479. 2670

CHOI, Yeong Noh, Partner
Questions concerning new hiring, interns

tel.02. 3479. 7876

KIM, Rieu, Senior Foreign Attorney
Questions concerning foreign attorneys, interns

tel.02. 3479. 5768

Jeoung, Seoung Yeol, Director
Questions concerning staff

tel.02. 3479. 7836

Recruitment Schedule

Recruitment of new attorneys (Judicial Research and Training Institute trainees and Law School students) and interns (Judicial Research and Training Institute trainees and Law School students) is carried out as an open recruitment process. All related schedules will be notified separately in the Notice section of the firm’s website. Other experts, including experienced attorneys and foreign attorneys, as well as staff members are recruited at any time as occasion calls, and new attorneys may be recruited at any time, if needed.