CSR Activities

Pursuit of public interestin Barun Law LLC's corporate culture stands at the core of the firm's philosophy.

Barun Law LLC is committed to giving back to society through its bro bono activities of providing legal services to individuals or groups that are unable to afford legal representation. Barun Law encourages its attorneys to take active part in pro bono services as well as other forms of CSR activities.

Pro Bono Services

Barun Law LLC provides pro bono legal services to individuals or organizations that are not able to afford legal representation. Any individuals or groups that would like to receive pro bono legal services can apply by describing in detail the case for which they seek legal services as well as the grounds that make such case be relevant to serving public interest or social justice and submitting such application to barun@barunlaw.com.

Public Interest Activities

Barun Law LLC encourages its attorneys to take an active part in utilizing their legal knowledge for public interest efforts, and all time spent in providing such pro bono services are recognized as time spent for work. The firm also supports its attorneys taking part in activities involving civic, community and cultural groups and many of its attorneys take part in academic efforts, such as giving lectures at law schools or the Judicial Research and Training Institute of the Supreme Court of Korea. They also contribute in improving various systems, including the judicial system, by taking an active part in a variety of committees.