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No Title Date
100 Representing in a case regarding refusal to renew the employment agreement of part-time employees that led to the decision ruling such refusal is “just” 6/10/2013
99 Representing and advising in a case with regard to the breach of the Public Official Election Act by National Assembly member Yoon Young-seok that resulted in a non-guilty decision 6/5/2013
98 A case where it was decided that trademarks/service marks containing the word “Hyundai” can only be used by affiliates of the Hyundai Group 5/31/2013
97 A case regarding the judgment criteria to determine the subjects for the claim for return of legal reserves in an inheritance 4/16/2013
96 Removal of the country of origin mark after displaying it on the product which is not subject to the duty to indicate the country of origin mark is not a violation of such duty 3/5/2013
95 Interpretation of the “event of absence of representative director”, under which the appointment of an acting chairman 2/25/2013
94 Determining the time when the participant to a development business can negotiate with the owner of the land subject to claim for sale 2/7/2013
93 A case concerning a delay in payment of the remaining purchase price for equipment supplied due to defects 1/18/2013
92 Guilty could not be found on the basis of statements made by a person giving bribes and unclear evidence 12/4/2012
91 Successfully representing the accused that had been found guilty in the district court level in a case regarding tax invoices that were alleged to be issued in a fraudulent manner by a purchaser const 11/29/2012
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