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We take an active involvement in community affairs to advocate for the public interest. As part of this effort, Barun Law practitioners provide pro bono legal services to underprivileged individuals and groups

Pro Bono Service

We believes that individuals and groups that are in need of legal services but unable to receive them should be provided pro bono services. If you are in need of pro bono services, please do not hesitate to apply for our service via email, barun@barunlaw.com. When applying, please provide us with the details of your case and any related information showing that your case is related to public interest or social justice concerns.

Public Service

We encourage our attorneys to provide their legal knowledge in public service efforts, and their time spent in these efforts is regarded as their regular working hours. Our attorneys are active in sharing their knowledge and experience by participating in events led by civil groups, community groups, cultural groups and governmental groups, by giving lectures at universities and the Judicial Research and Training Institute, and by actively participating in the Committee on Judicial Reform organized by the Korean Bar Association.
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