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Barun Law’s fast growth and success is based on the recruitment of excellent talents and thorough training and education. We believe that the on-going and sustainable growth of our firm will be achieved by hiring and working with lawyers, specialists and staff of the finest talent. We invite lawyers, specialists and staff members who wish to explore career opportunities with our firm.

Key Contacts  

Experienced Lawyers
and Other Specialists     
Lee, Dong Hoon
Tel : 82-2-3479-2670
E-mail : donghoon.lee@barunlaw.com  
Korean Associates
and Interns
CHOI, Yeong Noh
Tel : 82-2-3479-7876
E-mail : genie7@barunlaw.com  
Foreign Attorneys
and Interns
KIM, Rieu
Tel : 82-2-3479-5768
E-mail : rieu.kim@barunlaw.com  
StaffKWON, Young Sup
Tel : 82-2-3479-7819
E-mail : young@barunlaw.com  


We recruit and hire newly licensed lawyers (students of the Judicial Research and Training Institute of Korea and law school graduates) and interns (law school students) through the public invitation of applications. The specific date and period of public recruitment will be posted on this website. We also look for experienced lawyers, including foreign attorneys, and staff members at all times. If necessary, entry-level associates might be hired at any time.
Address: Barun Law Building, 92 gil 7, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 06181 Korea
Tel: 82-2-3476-5599   |   Fax: 82-2-3476-5995   |   Email: contact@barunlaw.com
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